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It’s no secret that work can be a stressful place, with long hours and hard deadlines making the situation worse. However, it is possible to make a positive difference and to create a more mindful working environment through some simple changes and practices. Mindfulness is a way to be more aware of what is happening in the present moment, to reduce stress, and to be more resilient.

What We Do

What We Do

Collaborative Presence offers mindfulness programs for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our evidence-based approach is uniquely tailored, whether you’re a corporation, non-profit, educational institution, healthcare provider, startup, cooperative, or community group.

Robert McMahon, Ph.D.

Robert McMahon, Ph.D.

Bob combines more than 20 years working with organizations globally with strong training in mindfulness teaching through the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program developed by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. He has had a personal mindfulness practice since 2016, and continues to develop his practice through such programs as the upcoming Inner MBA, a joint venture between LinkedIn, SoundsTrue, and Wisdom 2.0

The Benefits of Mindfulness in
the Workplace

At Collaborative Presence, our core values are centered around helping individuals and organizations unlock the full potential of mindfulness. We believe that work has fundamentally changed, and with it, the role work plays in our lives.

Employee Wellbeing

Research has demonstrated that mindfulness can have multiple beneifts in the workplace, enhancing overall effectiveness and health.

Interpersonal Communications

Effective communication is crucial for organizational success, but it can become difficult during times of change and competition. Mindfulness can help reduce negative reactivity in communication and increase prosocial behavior, enabling more authentic and wise communication.

Emotional Regulation

The constant need for change and innovation can cause ongoing emotional reactivity, which can make it difficult to remain balanced and grounded. Mindfulness can increase self-evaluation and internal tolerance for negative experiences, providing greater clarity and courage to address challenging circumstances.

Attention and Focus

Distractions and diversions in the workplace can detract from productivity and lead to a lack of focus. Mindfulness skills have been shown to reduce attention towards distraction, helping individuals and teams to direct their energy towards the most important activities.

Cognitive Flexibility

In today’s rapidly changing and complex business environment, cognitive flexibility is a critical skill that allows organizations to adapt and innovate. Mindfulness practices can support increased cognitive flexibility, enabling individuals to generate and receive diverse perspectives, reduce bias, and support divergent and convergent thinking.

At Collaborative Presence, we can help your organization harness the power of mindfulness to achieve these benefits and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your organization become healthier, more effective, and more collaborative.

Areas of Practice


We work with individuals at all levels of the orgnization to strengthen their ability to be present, balanced, and bring their best selves to their role. Areas of focus can include such domains as communication, decision making, focus, and cognitive flexibility for dynamic environments.


In addition to working with individuals, we also serve functional groups, teams, and departments within organizations. We understand that each group has unique needs and challenges, and we tailor our mindfulness programs to meet those needs and help them work more effectively and collaboratively.

Organizations and Leaders

Finally, we work with organizations and their leaders to help them unlock the full potential of mindfulness. Whether you’re a CEO, manager, or team leader, we can help you implement mindfulness programs that will benefit both you and your organization as a whole. Let Collaborative Presence be your partner in building a healthier, more effective, and more collaborative organization.

Our Values

Our Values

We believe that every person is unique and brings a variety of strengths to their job. We believe that while Mindfulness is an individual practice, its impact is also seen in how we interact with others. We believe that presence should be an integral part of the modern workplace, enabling us to create long-term, meaningful change. Finally, we believe our ability to stay calm, balanced, and compassionate, even in difficult situations, helps create a successful work environment.

Why Work with Us

At Collaborative Presence, we understand the importance of meaningful and fulfilling work. We know that all too often, employees and organizations can fall into a state of “sleep working,” going through the motions without truly engaging in their work or making a difference. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping individuals and organizations wake up and bring their full, best selves to work.

We offer a unique combination of extensive global experience working with a wide range of organizations and deep training in mindfulness skills from some of today’s most influential teachers. Our approach helps individuals and teams become more balanced, grounded, and ultimately, healthier in their work and personal lives. With our support, you can cultivate a more mindful and effective workplace culture that supports your employees’ well-being and helps your organization thrive.